Monday, April 7, 2014

Ms. Buckner's class plants "z" for zinnias

Today the children in Ms. Buckner's class planted zinnias and violas in the kindergarten yard bed. When I sat with them and said the words, zinnia and viola, they knew that zinnia started with z and viola started with v. :')

We discussed the following things:
- they were planting seedlings which are seeds that have grown;
- the children dug holes with trowels which are small shovels. You use shovels to dig large holes and trowels to dig small holes;
- gloves are worn to keep hands clean;
- the white things around the seedlings are roots. Roots get the food and water for the plant. We loosened the roots when planting the plants;
- zinnia starts with z;
- viola starts with v;
- after you plant a seedling, you need to water it.

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