Monday, April 7, 2014

Ms. Schwartz's class makes potpourri from cleveland sage

As part of our unit on native plants used by the Chumash, Ms. Schwartz's students made potpourri from cleveland sage on April 4. They learned that potpourri is made from dried leaves and flowers. Several of their parents use potpourri already in the house. They liked the smell of the sage and were happy to take home to their parents. We also shared the potpourri with Ms. Schwartz, Ms. Williams, Mrs. Miller and the ladies in the office!

The children then told me about their great field trip to Tumbleweed where they learned some more about the Chumash. They learned about the burning of white sage (which we had covered in the garden), about grinding acorns and more.

The children enjoyed their snack of either sugar snap peas, lettuce, purple broccoli or mint, all from the garden!

Cleveland sage potpourri

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