Thursday, April 24, 2014

Whole Foods' Garden Party for Marquez 2nd Graders

Elaine Pham and Jennie from Whole Foods on Montana Avenue gave a wonderful garden party to the Marquez 2nd grade on April 23. Each class, accompanied by their teacher, came to the lower garden for 45 minutes.

Each child decorated a biodegradable pot with Sharpe markers, planted either basil or lettuce seeds and had a snack of fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to donating the above food and planting ingredients, Whole Foods donated two mushroom growing kits.

Before the kids started working, we discussed why we put seedling mix in the pots instead of other types of soil--the pieces are fine and then the roots can grow easier. We also discussed the meaning of the word biodegradable. At least one child in each class knew that the pot would decompose in the earth! The kids loved decorating the pots and carefully planted their seeds. They knew to plant the seeds in four different spots from prior planting experience in our garden.

To take care of the seeds: keep the soil moist-it will dry out in this pot. Put the pot in a warm spot and cover with plastic wrap.   After the plant has 3 sets of leaves, you can leave it outside during the day and bring it in at night. Do this for 3 days. Then you can plant the pot. First take off the bottom of the pot so the roots can grow down. Next take off the top part of the pot so the soil is level with that in the garden. Enjoy your plant.

Both types of seeds will germinate in 5-10 days.  The kids wrote today's date on their pots. Hopefully they will keep track in their classrooms of the number of days until the seeds germinate. The teachers and I also discussed making graphs of the number of kids who planted each seeds.--math applications of a fun morning!

The kids enjoyed their snack of vegetables and fruit. I hear that many don't eat the fruit and vegetables from the cafeteria. They certainly eat them from our garden and from Whole Foods!

I'm posting some photos here and will post more later. 

Photos of Ms. Yoshida's class on the Whole Foods Day

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